What are Shelties Like?


Because of its beauty and kindness, the Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) is a wonderful companion dog. It is a loyal pet, willing and eager to please its human. Shelties have an alert and pleasant temperament and are loving, loyal and affectionate with their family. Though a herding dog, the Sheltie needs its people and is not really just an outdoor dog. A Sheltie should not be hooked, chained or left outside for hours at a time. A Sheltie that is well socialized at puppyhood behaves well in most social situations. A Sheltie can be shy and become suspicious with strangers and children, if they are not socialized well.

niko xxxThe Sheltie is a good guard/watch dog. They will bark at unexpected noises and strangers at the door. The Sheltie is very sensitive to the tone of your voice. They need their owners to be calm, but firm. When trained, they respond well to both hand and voice commands. They are expert at reading body-language and will not listen if they sense you do not mean what you say. They will not respond if you are too harsh. Shelties must be in homes where the humans are confident and consistent leaders. Shelties are very intelligent: one of the smartest breeds of dogs. They are lively but very trainable. With intelligence comes the need to occupy their minds. An intelligent herder, they like to be kept busy.

The herding instinct is still very strong in most Shelties. They love to chase things. It is important to teach your Sheltie not to chase cats and cars. A Sheltie running free will chase a car or something else it sees into the street, running a high risk of getting hit by a car. A fenced yard helps keep your Sheltie safe.

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