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Toby, an 8 year old Sheltie came to Maine Sheltie Rescue in a very tragic way.

Toby was taken to the local emergency veterinary clinic Sunday, March 6, his owner having suffered a stroke and hospitalized. This is eleven (11) days after the stroke! Toby was home alone for those 11 days. When he was found  he was at death’s doorstep. Initially, the vets did not think Toby would pull through, unable to stand, walk, or eat and kidney function levels were dangerously high.

Much to the surprise of those caring for Toby, he has improved a little each day.  After 5 days of around the clock care, Toby was ready to be transferred to Maine Sheltie Rescue’s veterinarian.

Evidence supports that Toby had been neglected far longer than 11 days. Toby is seriously obese at 70 pounds: his coat, nails, and ears are in deplorable condition.

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Toby has demonstrated a will to live. Maine Sheltie Rescue is committed to getting Toby healthy and eventually finding him a home where he will never know again neglect.

Needless to say, the costs for Toby’s care are already mounting. Please consider helping Toby make a full recovery by donating to help with Toby’s medical care.  Donation information is at the top of this page.

Thank you for reading about Toby and supporting Maine Sheltie Rescue.

More information on Toby as of 3/16

Maine Sheltie Rescue’s vet recommended Toby have deep tissue massage and low level laser treatments to his hind legs, to improve his strength and mobility. So late today, Toby received his first treatment, and when through…Toby stood and walked to his crate and wanted more food by mouth!! This was nothing less than miraculous.

Toby will continue to have adjunct therapies to ensure a full recovery. Toby is in rough shape. The protruding “skin flap” on his back end hanging over his tail, is adipose (fat deposit). Toby still requires assistance standing and moving about, but his caretakers continue to move him and his limbs to keep his muscles supple. And syringe feelings will continue until Toby is able to eat enough to fully nourish himself.

Thank you to all of you for your healing wishes, prayers and contributions to ensure Toby gets the care he needs and deserves to recover fully.

More information on Toby as of 9/30/16


Toby saw a Board Certified Vet to talk about all of Toby’s excess skin from his weight loss. He is now down to 50.4 – that’s over 20 pounds! Dr. House talked about what he would have to do to surgically remove the skin. MSR will discuss whether this is what is best for him.

We are concerned about his arthritic hips. We started him on an anti-inflammatory, which he seems to be responding to it quite well. Funding is still needed as Toby is also having deep tissue massage, laser treatment, and water treadmill work for his arthritis. Over all Toby is really thriving, and being his happy Sheltie self.  We are so grateful for his progress…

Pictures:  Toby receiving Laser treatment (right) and Toby’s excess skin due to weight loss…(below)



Toby still lives in his wonderful foster home.  He continues to be under vet care.  He has lost a sufficient amount of weight to be healthy, but continues to carry an excess of skin resulting from his being overweight for so many years.

Toby loves being in the yard and barking at the overhead jets that land not too far from his present home.  He likes his 5 foster Sheltie siblings and is very good with the many kitty family members.  Here is a picture of him lingering in the snow (which he loves) before coming inside…

We anticipate Toby being adopted soon.

Toby and our other Rescues continue to need vet care.  Your donations are always very much appreciated…


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