Shelties without proper training

Find out as much as you can about any Rescue you are thinking about adopting.

Kenna - LM xx Shelties that have been used as Back Yard Breeder or that have spent long hours alone with little socialization, may need a particularly confident human companion. Maine Sheltie Rescue does foster and train abused and neglected dogs, but these dogs will need continued support and training.

If not properly trained… Shelties can become very bossy if he feels the need to run your home.

 If not properly trained…They can become suspicious with strangers and children.

 If not properly trained…They may not allow themselves to be touched by strangers and will display noisy persistent barking, as they tell the humans to leave them alone. Proper training can teach the dog to relax and reduce the barking and possible snapping that comes with a frightened dog.

 If not properly trained… They may hide behind something, barking persistently when company arrives. The dog needs verbal commands and body language they understand to know this is not an acceptable behavior.

Sister so cute 2

 These above negative traits are not Sheltie traits, but rather a result of Small Dog Syndrome. The dog has learned this from the humans who are not good leaders or trainers. Negative behaviors result when a dog feels S/HE is the leader of the humans. The dog in this case is then trying to train the humans! These negative traits will subside as soon as the humans around the dog start to display the proper leadership qualities. Daily walks and training will help relieve the dog’s mental and physical energy.

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