Pawesomes instructions

Do you have AWESOME, QUIRKY, FUN PICTURES of your MSR ADOPTED SHELTIE?  We have started a new PAWESOMES page for awesome pictures of MSR adopted dogs submitted by you, our wonderful MSR parents. You will see Toby is our first Rescue listed on this page. To have a photo to included, send it to  RE:PAWESMES PAGE.  If is fits our criteria, we will include it HERE

Include with your picture:

  • Name (and gender) of your MSR Sheltie, and names other pets in the picture (pet siblings may be included)
  • Year s/he was adopted (If you don’t remember,check HERE and find your year!)
  • An appropriate photo (large as possible)
  • Comment on your photo if you wish
  • Your name. (We will only use your first name)

By sending your photo, you are agreeing to let us use it. You still own your photo, but you’re letting us use it.  Let’s have some fun with this!

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