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We feel so fortunate to have Nancy as one of our foster homes. She not only fosters for us, but she also fosters for the Collie Rescue League of New England. Nancy is always willing to take on the more challenging Shelties or Collies. She gives them time, patience and lots of positive training which gives them the confidence they need to go forward for their future homes.
Roxie, in Nancy’s lap, came our way last year very frightened. Matter of fact at first, Nancy had to put a harness, and a collar with two leashes on her so she wouldn’t bolt. It took a lot of time for Roxie to come around.
In that time something magical happened. Roxie and their Collie, Caelei, became fast friends, romping, chasing each other, playing non stop!
As more time passed, Nancy and her family knew that Roxie was like a piece of a puzzle that fit perfectly into place. They decided to officially adopt Roxie and we couldn’t be happier!
To see Roxie’s adopted day picture click HERE and HERE and HERE.


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Scout came our way because he’s extremely active and his former owner felt he needed so much more. His foster Mom taught him basic obedience along with some agility training – jumps and tunnels. Scout absolutely LOVED it! Our goal was to find him a home where he could continue with what he loved – agility.

His new Mom not only competes in agility, she teaches it in the summer. Scout now has a new sister & brother Sheltie to play with and is having a blast with them.

We are so happy for Scout and his new family!

To see Scout’s adopted day picture click HERE and HERE and HERE.



December is a hard time of year to lose loved ones, including a Sheltie companion.  It does happen, and we somehow limp along without our pawesome furry-babies. But when their time comes, the sweet nature of Shelties insures their foreverness in that great, expansive field in the sky where they can romp and play forever until they are called to come greet us at the pearly gates.

Lately we have had some of our special Sheltie friends added to our Memorial page. You may visit and perhaps remember them HERE.

If you would like to have a memorial added to this page, you may chew over process HERE. It is lovely way to to have your friend, whatever breed, remembered and also to donate to our favorite canine cause, Maine Sheltie Rescue!



Gypsy Rose came our way because her original owner had failing health, her family was overwhelmed and unable to keep her. Gypsy is a sweet, oversized, five year old who came into rescue weighing 52 pounds with a bit of a limp. Gypsy’s vet exam health showed her to be in good health however the radiology indicated arthritic damage resulting in a torn ACL in the back right leg. While in MSR care, Gypsy lost 8 pounds and then had her ACL surgery along with an eyelid mass removal, and a small dermal mass removal on her back side. Her new mama was very patient waiting for this beautiful girl, and now Gypsy is adopted and in her furever home!

To see Gypsy’s adopted day picture click HERE and HERE and HERE.


Taz came our way due to a move. Ann & Barry have been patiently waiting for a Sheltie. When they learned about Taz they decided to take him on a two week trail to see if he was a good fit for them. It worked out perfectly, so today we made it official. It’s a happy day for Taz and his new family!

To see Taz’s adopted day picture click HERE and HERE and HERE.


Five year old Bi-Black, Miss Mollie came into MSR as an owner surrender, as her family members were not home enough to care for her daily needs. Being diabetic and UTI prone, Mollie needed to be live where she would get some special care. Mollie spent the summer with MSR as we evaluated her situation and then found her the perfect home. Her new human, Connie, and new Sheltie brothers own a Bed and Breakfast. Mollie joins them in making the Inn a tale-waggin’, dog friendly place to stay! We couldn’t be happier for sweet Mollie and her new family.

To see Molly’s adopted day picture click HERE and HERE and HERE.



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