Jada’s owners were afraid she wouldn’t find her way home after literally taking down a fence from being deathly afraid & spooked by nearby fireworks. After being seen multiple times in a mile long radius, the K9s were not needed but rather a liquid scent trail! From 9:00pm-10:00pm the team helped lay a liquid scent trail (Jada’s owner’s pillowcases and liquid smoke) in a mile long path from the furthest sighting straight on the ground to the doorstep of Jada’s home…. Jada was spotted again 10 minutes after the team had left, and in hopes she would catch a whiff of the liquid smoke and the scent of her owners, she’ll be home soon. After another sleepless night and another early morning search, Jada was found sitting on the porch! With a little cheese and calm reassurance from Robin, Jada is back in loving arms!!!! Welcome home Jada!!!

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