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   Shetland Sheepdog Information

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Sheltie Nation
Why Choose a Sheltie
Sheltie Colors
10 Reasons for Adopting a Sheltie DogBonnie hair
American Shetland Sheepdog Association
American Kennel Club – Shetland Sheepdog
Kennebec Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club
Shetland Sheepdog video
Dogs 101 – Shetland Sheepdog video
Sheltie Planet
Find a Lost Sheltie
Shy Shelties
10 Things I Love about Shelties
20 Things All Sheltie Owners Must Never Forget

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  MDR1 Mutation

Breeds affected by the MDR1 mutation
Problem Drugs
Multi-Drug Resistance Gene (MDR1)

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Carbon Monoxide
Fire Safety
Pets starting Fires
Human food not dog food

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  Dog Information

American Kennel Club
Grooming Guide
Retractable Leashes
10 Common Mistakes
Healthy Mouth
Travel Resources
Doggy Diarrhea

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Dog Behavior

Clicker Training – Part 1
Clicker Training  – Part 2
Karen Pryor Academy
stop barkingMy Dog Bit my Child
My dog growls around their food
Reducing Fear in Your Dog
Does your Dog really want to be pet? 
Working with shy and emotionally damaged dogs

Training in Portland
11 Things Humans do – Dogs hate
Calming Signals Panicked Dogs
Fire emergency – Pet training
Beware: Pets start firesX

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General Adoption Info

This is why we do what we do…
Welcoming your Dog Home
First 30 days of Adoption
Pet Store dogs

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Other Sheltie Rescue Websites of interest

AZ Arizona Sheltie Rescue
CA Sheltie Rescue Alternatives 
CA Northern California Sheltie Rescue
CA Southland Sheltie Rescue –  San Diego
CN Tri-State Sheltie Rescue – Conn
CO Rocky Mountain Collie-Sheltie Rescue
CT New England Sheltie Rescue
GA Sunburst Shelties –  Georgia
IL Sheltie Rescue of Central Illinois
IN Heartland Sheltie Rescue
LI Long Island Shetland Sheepdog Rescue
MI Michigan Sheltie Rescue
MN Minnesota Sheltie Rescue
NE New England Sheltie Rescue
NH Granite State Sheltie Rescue *Our partner
NJ Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of New Jersey
OH Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue
PA Western Pennsylvania Sheltie Rescue
TX Dallas Ft Worth Sheltie Rescue
VA Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue

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Amy Bolin Art  (for 5% off for you and 10% donation to MSR, use Coupon Code: MAINE!!!)
Sheltie Nation store

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I love my Sheltie - Rocky Mountain Collie-Sheltie Rescue
From Rocky Mountain Collie-Sheltie Rescue